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Press Release: March 24, 2004

"Digital Photography: Expert Techniques": Professional Tips and Workflow Strategies to Enhance Digital Photography

Sebastopol, CA--The past few years have seen a revolution in the field of photography. Darkrooms, negatives, and noxious chemicals have been replaced with the simplicity and convenience of digital cameras, home computers, and photo-quality printers. Add image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and photographers can perform a nearly infinite number of corrections and enhancements to make their images the best they can be. With so many tools available, many photographers face only one obstacle: a comprehensive guide to putting it all together to produce the top-notch photos they want. Ken Milburn's Digital Photography: Expert Techniques (O'Reilly, US $44.95) offers a wealth of techniques and practical advice for those who are ready to move to the expert level in digital photography.

Milburn draws on his many years of experience in the field to provide invaluable tips and tricks, as well as a start-to-finish workflow--that is, time-tested, step-by-step procedures--for turning digital photographs into works of art. Using hundreds of stunning, full-color photos and a friendly, conversational tone, Milburn presents detailed information on what to look for in today's affordable high-end digital cameras, using simple techniques and equipment to shoot spectacular shots, instructions for shooting great panoramas, dos-and-don'ts for creating better Photoshop masks, and professional digital darkroom techniques for everything from knockouts to restoration to transforming your photos into watercolors.

Milburn explains that the book is for any digital photographer who has dreamed of becoming a "serious" digital photographer. It offers help to experienced photographers who are crossing over to digital or to those who want to make their digital workflow more efficient. The book also focuses on solving the problems that arise most frequently during the day-to-day tasks of digital photography. And finally, the book goes well beyond Photoshop solutions.

"Now, don't get me wrong," says Milburn, "whenever a solution is available in Photoshop, we'll cover that method first. After all, more of you are working with Photoshop than with any other image-editing program--so much so that it has become the de facto image-editing standard. However, if there's a more time-efficient, technologically advanced, or easier solution available via a third-party program or plug-in, I'll show you that as well."

Photographers will learn how to hone their skills by:

  • Preparing to get the best shot
  • Extending the capabilities of their digital cameras
  • Using Photoshop's palette of tonal and color correction tools
  • Creating paintings from photos
  • Retouching damaged photos to perfect condition
  • Compositing two or more photos together for maximum visual effect,
  • and much more

    Anyone who's searched for a book that offers both the tricks of the trade and workflow experience of the professionals--all from a leader in the digital photography field--will find what they're looking for in Digital Photography: Expert Techniques.

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    Digital Photography: Expert Techniques
    Ken Milburn
    ISBN 0-596-00547-4, 467 pages, $44.95 US, $65.95 CA
    1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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