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"iPod Fan Book": Go Everywhere with iPod

Press release: November 10, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--The iPod is the world's most popular portable music player. It's a cultural phenomenon and a fashion statement. And with this remarkably lightweight powerhouse in their pockets, people can take their entire music library out for a walk. "The iPod has created a legion of users sporting distinctive white headphones, and people are as passionate about their iPods as they are about the music they choose to play on them," says Yasukuni Notomi, author of the new iPod Fan Book (O'Reilly, US $14.95). "The iPod has become more than a music player--it's become a lifestyle."

For anyone who wants to live the fullest iPod lifestyle possible, this sleek, full-color fan book is a quick and fun way to learn all the features and capabilities of the mighty little device. The iPod Fan Book delivers everything from connecting the iPod, loading music, ripping CDs the right way (as well as the lazy way!), using iTunes with Windows, optimizing sound quality, protecting the iPod, saving the battery's life, burning iPod tunes onto CDs and DVDs, using the iPod as a hard drive, and much more.

This compact guide includes tips, tricks, and plenty of resources for:

  • Creating playlists for every mood and occasion (and even every member of the family)
  • Connecting the iPod to a household or car stereo system
  • Traveling with the iPod
  • Making the iPod do more than just store and play music (including transforming it into a PDA and/or a news machine)
  • Distinguishing the "must items" from the "maniac items" when facing the countless iPod accessories on the market
  • Whether they're new to the ranks of iPod fans or longtime users, readers will find this nifty little book to be the ultimate one-stop resource for enriching the iPod experience.

    Additional Resources:

    iPod Fan Book
    Yasukuni Notomi
    ISBN 0-596-00776-0, 96 pages, $14.95 US, $21.95 CA
    1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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