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"Java Network Programming, Third Edition": Developing Sophisticated Network Applications in Java

Press release: November 11, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--Java network programming has come a long way, and Java Network Programming, Third Edition (O'Reilly, US $39.95) by Elliotte Rusty Harold is keeping pace with all the changes. In this fully revised and expanded edition, Harold delivers what readers will find to be an "even stronger, longer-lived, more accurate, and more enjoyable tutorial and reference to network programming in Java than the last edition." And, he promises, "when you finish this book, you'll have the knowledge and the tools to create the next generation of software that takes full advantage of the Internet."

Covering Java 5.0, the new edition of Java Network Programming brings readers up to date with the latest features of Java's network APIs. It discusses the changes and additions to networking in JDK 1.4 and 1.5 (now christened J2SE 5) and covers everything from networking fundamentals to Remote Method Invocation (RMI), including chapters on TCP and UDP sockets, server sockets, URLs and URIs, multicasting, and special-purpose APIs such as JavaMail. This book explains how to use J2SE to write secure networking applications and how to use the NIO APIs to write ultra high-performance servers. It also covers Java's support for network proxies, web cookies, and URL caching.

The ultimate reference for developing networked applications, this book shows readers how to use Java's network class library to quickly and easily write programs that accomplish many common networking tasks, including:

  • Browsing the Web with HTTP
  • Parsing and rendering HTML
  • Sending email with SMTP
  • Receiving email with POP and IMAP
  • Writing multithreaded servers
  • Installing new protocol and content handlers into browsers
  • Encrypting communications for confidentiality, authentication, and guaranteed message integrity
  • Distributing applications across multiple systems with Remote Method Invocation
  • Whether they want to write a special-purpose web server, a secure online order taker, a simple multicast agent, or an email client, with this book readers can learn from (and borrow) thousands of lines of working code--all of which are available online--implementing fully functional network clients and servers.

    "I didn't begin to understand Java networking until I found this book," says Bruce Eckel, author of Thinking in Java. As did the previous editions, Java Network Programming, Third Edition will prove essential for network developers and Java programmers who want to write sophisticated network applications.

    Praise for the previous edition:

    "[Harold] has an excellent writing style, so the concepts in this book are easy to digest. I've read most of it already and forsee getting a lot of mileage out of this book.", October 2000

    "A thorough, in-depth description of how Java can be applied to networking. For anyone with a serious interest in how the Internet works there is much of interest, and which is written in language that does not assume a degree in computer science. It deserves a wider audience than professional programmers."
    --Major Kearny, PC Update, March 2001

    "If you need to do network programming using Java, you will be well served by this book.", March 2001

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    Java Network Programming, Third Edition
    Elliotte Rusty Harold
    ISBN 0-596-00721-3, 735 pages, $39.95 US, $57.95 CA
    1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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