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"iPod & iTunes Hacks": The Experts' Secrets to Ripping, Burning, and Mixing

Press release: November 17, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--The passion for music is universal throughout cultures and history. So, too, apparently, is the passion for the iPod and iTunes--at least for this moment in history, notes Hadley Stern, author of the new iPod & iTunes Hacks (O'Reilly, US $25.95). Stern, who admits to a lifelong fascination with Apple products, suggests that his captivation with iPod is another chapter in that fascination. But Stern agrees that the iPod is much more than just a music player. "There is a legion of fans and hobbyists out there who--like me--want to take the iPod to places it wasn't originally designed for," he says.

These iPod enthusiasts want to explore and experiment, create shortcuts, and unearth cool and unexpected things to do with their iPod that have never even occurred to their friends. Perhaps they want to use their iPod to read email. Perhaps they want to use it as a voice recorder or a device to store their digital photos. Or maybe they want to use iTunes visuals as a screensaver, use Java to expand iTunes' functionally, or use a cheap Linux box as a server and access MP3 tunes. Because, as Stern reminds his readers, the iPod is only half the story. iTunes makes up the other half. "With iTunes you can rip your music to digital files, organize your collection, buy music from the iTunes Music Store, and transfer everything to you iPod." He adds, "As your digital music collection grows, you'll probably notice that the obsessive behavior typically reserved for organizing your CD collection is transferred to the music on your computer."

iPod & iTunes Hacks takes curious and clever iPod owners beyond the obvious with one hundred ingenious hacks that delight, entertain, and add astonishing power to the iPod and iTunes experience. "The book includes hacks written by experts in their field," explains Stern. "The 'Install Linux on Your iPod' hack was written by Bernard Leech, who developed the software. It's the same with the AppleScript iTunes chapter written by Doug Adams, who runs the definitive site on AppleScript for iTunes." In fact, contributors to the book come from the United States, Canada, Romania, England, Germany, and Japan. "There's no book out there that covers the breadth and depth of iPod & iTunes Hacks," says Stern.

Hacks in the book show iPod owners how to:

  • Use their iPods with both Mac and PC
  • Turn the iPod into an FM radio station, portable stereo, or wireless jukebox
  • Use the iPod as a portable hard drive, and access those "hidden" music files
  • Turn the iPod into a universal remote control or voice recorder
  • Play and create games for the iPod
  • Read email, news, RSS feeds, books, and more on the iPod
  • Extend iTunes using Java or Perl
  • Although there are people who are content to use their iPods simply to play music, some people want to do much more. Those people aren't satisfied until they get under the hood and tap every iPod trick available to them. iPod & iTunes Hacks will show them the way.

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    iPod & iTunes Hacks
    Hadley Stern
    ISBN: 0-596-00778-7, 433 pages, $24.95 US, $36.95 CA
    1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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