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Registration Opens for the 2005 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

Press release: December 3, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--Registration has just opened for the next O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, aka ETech, happening March 14-17, 2005 in San Diego, California. Because new applications, services, and devices are simultaneously converging and morphing like never before, ETech 2005 explores the culture of "Remix." Hackers and other innovators have embraced the do-it-yourself renaissance, tweaking here, integrating there, and creating new tools for the rest of us to use. These unexpected combinations--and the opportunities they present--are the driving force behind ETech.

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference doesn't just bring together new technologies--it's also is a place for invaluable human interaction, particularly for developers, IT decision-makers, lead users, engineers, and researchers of every stripe. Just a few of the intriguing people and projects coming to the conference include:

  • Law Professor Lawrence Lessig points the way to an open and remixable future
  • Google's Peter Norvig takes us to the outer edge of search technology
  • Arthur van Hoff, principal engineer at TiVo, turns television into an operating system on which to build applications and to which the next level of video content can be delivered
  • Writer and technologist Cory Doctorow sees the Internet as an ecosystem, parasites and all
  • Analyst Clay Shirky espouses the value of semi-structured data in rescuing semantics from the Semantic Web
  • Noted programmer Joel Spolsky infuses character and quality into online communities through software and design choices
  • Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield opens up, embracing web services and network effects as a startup strategy
  • Hardware hackers Tom Igoe and Raffi Krikorian build small, simple microcontroller-based network objects
  • Kathy Sierra brings the latest research in cognitive science, brain chemistry, and psychology to bear on creating passionate users
  • ETech program chair and O'Reilly CTO Rael Dornfest joins with founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly to detail what's currently blipping on the "O'Reilly Radar"
  • As in past years, ETech allows for maximum exposure to new ideas and technologies through roll-up-your-sleeves tutorials, meaty and to-the-point plenary presentations, real world focused breakout sessions, a relevant exhibit hall, and thought-provoking events. Conference program chair Rael Dornfest plans to add sessions up to the last minute, so that ETech participants have the opportunity to investigate late-breaking issues.

    As Dornfest puts it, "The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference celebrates the hands-on imperative of the hacker, champions an architecture of participation on which to build the future, and shines a light on the innovations coming from non-traditional sources in an effort to get them on to everybody's radar. What you touch at ETech, you'll be using in the products, applications, and services of tomorrow."

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