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"Mac Annoyances": How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Mac

Press release: December 8, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--Anyone who uses a Mac will tell you that most of the time your Mac is your best friend. Without question, these machines can be immensely beneficial and delightful tools. But there are also those times--whether you're the proud owner of the very latest version or you're still tapping away on yesterday's model--when your Mac can show its dark side. And then, your best friend can also be a royal pain in the neck. Any way you slice it, Macs can still induce minor headaches at the most inopportune moments.

The simple fact is that computers have been annoying us for decades, and the Mac is no exception. "Remember how ticked off Dave was when HAL began returning the error message 'I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that' in 2001: A Space Odyssey?" asks John Rizzo, author of the newly released Mac Annoyances (O'Reilly, US $24.95) "And let's not forget poor Dr. Smith's frustration with that infernal robot nattering, 'Danger, Will Robinson' in Lost in Space. Talk about your kernel panics!" But, as Rizzo adds, no computer is more annoying than the computer sitting on your desk.

Mac Annoyances feels your pain. Developed for the individual who can't live without a Mac yet can't deal with its fickle temperament, this handy book provides solutions to scores of common problems faced by Mac owners. Inside its pages you'll find a wealth of hidden and previously undocumented tips, tricks, and workarounds designed to drastically improve your specific problem-solving capabilities. The result is a significant enhancement of your overall user experience and a tremendous savings of time no matter which version you own. To say nothing of what it'll do for your blood pressure.

Annoyed Mac users will find that hassles associated with Mac OS X, iLife, Mac hardware, and Microsoft Office (the mother of all annoyances) are all addressed in detail. Also tackled: how to overcome problems related to specific applications such as iTunes, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Apple's Mail program.

Are you having trouble browsing the Web or searching with Google? Want to make your Mac a bit faster? Keyboard causing you trouble? These, and dozens more annoyances like them, are all dissected as well. The truth is, if you've experienced it, Mac Annoyances addresses it.

Mac Annoyances is a follow-up to the bestselling PC Annoyances. In keeping with the spirit of O'Reilly's Annoyances series, Rizzo adopts a sympathetic tone throughout the book that soothes while it amuses. Rather than making you feel like you possess minimal technical savvy, Mac Annoyances will take you along for a fun-filled ride as you join forces to outsmart the system together.

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Mac Annoyances
John Rizzo
ISBN: 0-596-00723-X, 156 pages, $24.95 US, $36.95 CA
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