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Press Release: April 29, 2005

"Don't Click on the Blue E!: Switching to Firefox": Suffer IE No Longer--There's a Better, Safer, More Powerful Browser

Sebastopol, CA--"How did we get to a point where Internet Explorer (IE)--the browser employed by almost 90% of all web users--enables gangsters across the world to steal your credit card details with ease?" asks technology consultant, university professor, and author Scott Granneman. "Are there any safe alternatives to IE, or are we stuck with this deeply flawed software?"

For anyone who surfs the Web (and who doesn't?) and has grown tired of being vulnerable to viruses, Trojans, and spyware because Internet Explorer left the back door open, Granneman's new Don't Click on the Blue E!: Switching to Firefox (O'Reilly, US $19.95) introduces readers to "a new browser on the scene--one that excites users because it offers something new: a secure, innovative, easy-to-use browsing experience."

Close to being the browser that users' dreams are made of, Firefox is safer, faster, and more powerful than Internet Explorer. Better yet, it doesn't cost a penny or require a Windows upgrade! Granneman calls it "the lean, mean, extensible browser" and he assures readers that Firefox is able to take on Internet Explorer and win.

Granneman isn't the only one who considers Firefox the browser of the future. Tens of thousands of computer users--everyday users, power users, business people, web developers, and programmers--are switching to Firefox every week.

"Firefox isn't the only web browser in the world," admits Granneman. "It's just the best." His compact guide helps users explore all the new features Firefox has to offer, including:

  • A discussion of the Blue E's background and long history of problems, and why other options are superior
  • Installation and configuration of Firefox
  • How to take advantage of Firefox's built-in features and capabilities, including tabbed windows, remarkable search capabilities, and live bookmarks
  • Customizing Firefox with add-ons--all sorts of plug-ins, themes, and extensions at the ready to make something great even better
  • Tips and tricks for controlling pop-up ads and other annoyances, advanced configuration, and even tweaking the Firefox interface
  • Don't Click on the Blue E! delivers everything users need to stop being Internet Explorer victims. All it takes is the switch to a better web browser for users to enjoy a hassle-free, pleasant, highly functional web experience that is second to none.

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    Don't Click on the Blue E!
    Scott Granneman
    ISBN: 0-596-00939-9, 287 pages, $19.95 US, $27.95 CA
    1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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