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"The Future Is Open": Registration Opens for the 7th Annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention

May 25, 2005

Sebastopol, CA--"Something is definitely afoot in the world of open source," notes O'Reilly Open Source Convention program chair Nathan Torkington. "Competition in the Linux vendor industry is heating up. Fresh technologies like Ruby on Rails and AJAX have turned the world of web apps on its head. And Microsoft is open sourcing software."

Registration has just opened for OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, taking place August 1-5 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Exploring what's afoot, what's fun, what's ahead, and the continuing challenges of adopting, integrating, and learning the basics of open source technologies are what OSCON is all about. This year's OSCON focuses on three deep trends affecting open source: the commoditization of software, network-enabled collaboration, and software customizability.

Highlights for the 2005 edition of OSCON include:

Open Source Business Review
New to OSCON this year is the Open Source Business Review (OSBR): two days of premium presentations designed for IT practitioners, both managers and technologists. OSBR highlights how open source is changing IT in the enterprise. Each session addresses a key problem, and how to take advantage of the vast opportunities open source presents. Led by seasoned executives who have managed open source successfully within their organizations, OSBR sessions cover essential topics like evaluating open source and calculating ROI, governance models, managing risks with commercial services, SOX compliance, licensing, and many other important issues. In addition to exclusive sessions, OSBR participants have access to all OSCON keynote presentations, OSCON sessions, the exhibit hall, and all events and activities.

Key Speakers on Key Technologies
Creators, innovators, and leaders across the spectrum of open source technologies are scheduled to lead sessions and tutorials at OSCON. Just a few of the noted presenters are:

  • Perl: Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Allison Randal, Rafael Garcia-Suarez
  • DBs: Monty Widenius, Arjen Lentz, A. Elein Mustain, D. Richard Hipp, Ann Harrison
  • Java: Jonathan Schwartz, Danese Cooper, Erik Hatcher, Rod Cope
  • Python: Guido van Rossum, Ted Leung, Sam Ruby, Jim Hugunin
  • PHP: Rasmus Lerdorf, Andi Gutmans, David Sklar, Luke Welling, Laura Thomson
  • Linux: Greg Kroah-Hartman, Theo Schlossnagle, Shane Caraveo, David Wheeler
  • Security: Christian Lahti, Randal Schwartz, Nitesh Dhanjani, Kees Cook
  • Apache: Rich Bowen, Ask Bjorn Hansen, Geoffrey Young
  • Emerging Topics: Robert Lefkowitz, Karim R. Lakhani, Chris DiBona
  • Ruby: David Heinemeier Hansson, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Mike Clark
  • XML: Ben Hammersley, Jason Hunter, Evan Lenz, Odysseas Pentakalos
  • Events and Extracurricular Activities

  • Tuesday Night Extravaganza: Damian Conway, Paul Graham, and Larry Wall share deep and entertaining thoughts with the assembled OSCON throng
  • Exhibit Hall Reception and Author Round-up: an opportunity to see what exhibitors and sponsors have to offer, and say hello to a host of open source authors
  • Powell's Technical Books Open House: This venerable Portland institution throws opens its doors to OSCON participants
  • Hewlett-Packard Photo Contest: HP is once again sponsoring a photo competition just for OSCON participants
  • Portland Bridges Tour: A behind-the-scenes look at how some of Portland's famous spans operate
  • Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs): BoFs offer a place to gather with other open source fans on any topic
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors
    This year's OSCON will assemble the largest exhibit hall in its seven-year history, featuring the latest open source tools and services from these sponsors and as well as other exhibitors:

  • Diamond: Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, SpikeSource, Sun Microsystems
  • Platinum: Novell
  • Gold: ActiveState, IBM, Ticketmaster
  • Silver: ActiveGrid, Black Duck, Google, Intel, Microsoft, SourceLabs,
  • SugarCRM, Zend

    Important Deadlines

  • June 20: Early registration pricing ends
  • July 7: Hotel group rate discount ends

  • OSCON is where the leaders, practitioners, programmers, developers, and users of every open source persuasion gather to drill down into open source trends that are impacting how business gets done. OSCON sessions and tutorials present ingenious solutions to programming problems that allow developers to work smarter, faster, and more creatively. OSCON provides a place for fellow users from the entire spectrum of the open source community to connect with one another and learn about the newest features and versions from creators and experts.

    O'Reilly conferences include: the O'Reilly European Opens Source Convention; ETech, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference; the MySQL Users Conference, co-presented with MySQL AB; Where 2.0 Conference; and Web 2.0 (co-hosted by Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle, and co-produced with MediaLive International). O'Reilly conferences bring together forward-thinking business and technology leaders, shaping ideas and influencing industries around the globe. For over 25 years, O'Reilly has facilitated the adoption of new and important technologies by the enterprise, putting emerging technologies on the map.

    Upcoming O'Reilly conferences:

  • Where 2.0, June 29-30 in San Francisco, CA
  • Web 2.0, October 5-7 in San Francisco, CA
  • O'Reilly European Open Source Convention, October 17-20 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, March 6-9, 2006 in San Diego, CA
  • Additional Information:

    For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at O'Reilly conferences, contact Andrew Calvo at (707) 827-7176, or andrewc@oreilly.com.

    To become a media sponsor, contact Margi Levin at (707) 827-7184, or margi@oreilly.com.

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