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Press Release: November 18, 2005

Digital Video Production Cookbook: Create Stunning Shots with Digital Filmmaking Recipes

Sebastopol, CA--In 1975, Steven Spielberg put a 17-foot mechanical shark named "Bruce" in the water and called it "Jaws." Thirty years and three Star Wars prequels later digital imaging has become a way of life for most filmmakers. While digital technology greatly simplifies the filmmaking process, there are many tried-and-true production tricks that only the pros working in the world of high-budget film production get to know. The truth is that setting up a car chase, making a realistic-looking alien, staging a fistfight, creating atmospheric lighting, and using special effects are often not as difficult to master as you might think.

Digital Video Production Cookbook (Kenworthy, O'Reilly, US $29.95) will show you how to create sophisticated-looking visual effects, dramatic shots, and powerful sequences using low-cost methods adapted from high-end professional techniques. Author and award-winning filmmaker Chris Kenworthy explains how you can use a digital video camera and basic editing software, to create high-end production values with household equipment and a little imagination.

Digital Video Production Cookbook includes easy-to-follow recipes for:

  • Creating bluescreen effects
  • Simulating rain, snow, and other types of weather
  • Working with backlighting, simulated candlelight, and special lighting effects
  • Shooting day for night
  • Staging safe stunts, chase scenes, and fistfights
  • Makeup techniques for aging, bruises, and serious injuries
  • Shooting at night
  • Working with camera movement
  • Adding special effects such as laser bolts, holograms, and explosions
  • "I love that this book is part of a Cookbook series," states author Chris Kenworthy. "Because digital imaging is much like your favorite recipe--you follow the basics, adapt old techniques, and mix with new tricks. In that regard, this book is a serious building block."

    Digital Video Production Cookbook features clear, step-by-step instructions laid out in a stunning, easy-to-follow format. This book is a master class for amateur and independent filmmakers working in the digital medium.

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    Digital Video Production Cookbook
    Chris Kenworthy
    ISBN: 0-596-10031-0, 192 pages, $29.95 US
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