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Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint 2007 Missing Manuals: Dive into Microsoft Office 2007 with Four Terrific Books

December 18, 2006

Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint 2007 Missing Manuals: Dive into Microsoft Office 2007 with Four Terrific Books

Sebastopol, CA--There are many compelling reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs soon--vastly overhauled interfaces, newly designed menus and toolbars, jazzy new features, time-saving templates, and animated effects. Unfortunately, the only thing missing was quality documentation. That is until now. Four new books in the Missing Manual series--the books that should have been in the box--step in to help students, teachers, business professionals, and regular folks of every skill level create slick and professional documents, efficiently manage information and data, and produce polished presentations that are sure to impress.

Microsoft Office 2007 programs are designed to run on both Microsoft Windows (XP Service Pack 2 or later) and Windows Vista--and these new resources are there to answer every question.

Word 2007: The Missing Manual by Chris Grover clearly addresses getting around the radically redesigned user interface with a tabbed toolbar. Readers also discover how to produce sophisticated page layouts, insert forms and tables, use graphics, and generate book-length documents. Practical, jargon-free text makes sharing documents with other people and programs, crafting web pages, automating documents with fields, and automating tasks with macros easy.

Excel 2007: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald covers building spreadsheets, adding and formatting information, printing reports, creating charts and graphics, and using basic formulas and functions. Like its siblings in The Missing Manual series, this book crackles with humor and insight about its subject, guiding readers through the new Excel with clear explanations, step-by-step instructions, lots of illustrations, and friendly, timesaving advice. It's the perfect primer for small businesses with no techie to turn to, as well as those who want to organize household and office information.

Access 2007: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald ably illuminates this redesigned application. Readers learn about designing complete databases, maintaining them, searching for information, and building attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry. Even novice Access users are sure to pick up valuable tricks and techniques to automate common tasks--even if they've never touched a line of code before. With plenty of downloadable examples, this objective and witty book helps transform Access enthusiasts into power users.

PowerPoint 2007: The Missing Manual by Emily A. Vander Veer specifically covers this new version of the software. The book details all the basics--from creating, saving, setting up, running, and printing a bullets-and-background slideshow to the world of multimedia, animation, and interactivity. Readers learn how to add pictures, sound, video, animated effects, and controls (buttons and links) to their slides, along with ways to pull text, spreadsheets, and animations created in other programs.

Created by popular New York Times columnist and O'Reilly author David Pogue, The Missing Manual series sheds light on their subjects with technical insight, plenty of wit, and hard-nosed objectivity for beginners, veteran stand-alone PC users, and those who know their way around a network. Simplify the challenges of today?s workplace and get more out of the programs you use daily by keeping these latest titles handy and within reach.

About the Authors
Christopher Grover lives in Fairfax, California with his wife and two daughters. He's worked as a technical writer, advertising copywriter and product publicist for more than 25 years. His freelance articles have been published in a variety of magazines from Fine Homebuilding to CD-ROM World. Chris's latest project is launching Bolinas Road Creative, an agency that helps small businesses promote their products and services.

Matthew MacDonald is a developer, author, and educator in all things Visual Basic and .NET. He's worked with Visual Basic and ASP since their initial versions, and written over a dozen books on the subject, including The Book of VB .NET (No Starch Press) and Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's Notebook (O'Reilly). His website is www.prosetech.com.

Emily A. Vander Veer has authored or edited fourteen books to date. Her work has appeared in dozens of on-and offline publications, including Byte, The Writer, Salon.com, and CNN.com. Currently, she lives in Minnesota with her husband and daughter.

About The Missing Manual series, The book that should have been in the box. Warm, witty, and jargon-free, Missing Manuals have enough clarity for the novice, and enough depth and detail for the power user.

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