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Press Release: April 18, 2007

O'Reilly Releases Programming Flex 2: Create, Make, & Deliver Exciting RIAs

Sebastopol, CA--No doubt about it. Everyone loves a little flash. In fact, many of the web applications used everyday depend on the dazzle of flash.

Of course we're talking about Flash Player, one of the most ever-present and captivating pieces of software anywhere. And creating entrancing and useful Flash-based rich Internet applications just became 100 percent easier with the release of Programming Flex 2 (O'Reilly, $54.99).

"The core of Flex 2 is the Flex framework, a library of ActionScript objects that provide a great foundation for building rich Internet applications that run on Flash. It is a developer-centric framework that provides a strong architecture and uses design patterns that will be familiar to developers coming from a .NET, Java, or web developer background," notes senior principal scientist Mark Anders in the book's forward.

As part of the Adobe Developer Library, Programming Flex 2 is the authoritative guide to the new Adobe Flex framework. In clear and easy-to-understand text, authors Chafic Kazoun and Joey Lott show developers how to use a markup language called MXML and a vast library of off-the-shelf and highly configurable components. Using these tools, the authors provide examples detailing how developers can build effective and innovative Flash-based applications combining the immediacy of the Web with the functionality and responsiveness of desktop applications.

Indeed, Programming Flex 2 is more than just a desktop reference. Packed with practical insight into this new technology, this comprehensive resource teaches readers not only how to build Flex applications, but also how Flex works.

Topics in Programming Flex 2 include:

  • Managing Layout
  • Working with Components
  • Working with Media
  • Using Transitions and Effects
  • Working with Data
  • Customizing Application Appearance
  • Client-side and Remote Data Communication
  • Debugging Flex Framework Applications
  • Creating Application and Custom Components

Developers who want to learn more about all the exciting things Flex can do and leverage the features Flex provides are sure to keep this desktop reference within reach. Happy coding.

About the Authors Chafic Kazoun is the founder and Chief Software architect at Atellis. He has worked with Flashtechnologies since 1998 and with Flex since its inception, and he has a deep understanding of the internals of the Flex framework.

Joey Lott has been teaching Flash and ActionScript since 1999 when he first began training throughout Southern California.

Additional Resources:

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Programming Flex 2
Chafic Kazoun, Joey Lott
ISBN 0-596-52689-X, 472 pages, $54.99 US, $71.99 CAN
1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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