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Press Release: March 18, 2008

Visual Communication in Digital Design--New from YoungJin: A Friendly & Approachable Guide to the Art of Visual Communication

The 'art of visual communication' is the arrangement of design elements in such a way that is both balanced and visually appealing while effectively delivering the intended message. At first glance, all graphic design creates a certain 'look.' But fundamentally, the 'look' has as its goal the creation of a visual structure, combining the design elements with the understanding of the target audiences' visual perception.

The task of the designer is to systematically interpret the audience's association with the information to be conveyed, and then translate those associations into visual designs using design principles and tools.

Visual Communication in Digital Design is a guide and a resource for those who wish to learn the art of visual communication and incorporate this art into both graphic and digital design. This book provides an introduction to the creative process of design, as well as the visual perception that any design may convey to its audience. Through developing an understanding of design as a visual language, based on fundamental principles and elements, readers will learn to approach visual design in a manner that will allow them to be fluent in the language of visual communication.

In this book, readers can learn to:

  • Understand the elements of design as a visual language used for communication;
  • Communicate effectively through the process of design and its presentation;
  • Develop innovative, original and creative design solutions through combinations of various forms and functions.

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Ji Yong Park (known as the Doctor of Design) is a lecturer of Web Design and Interactive Media at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. He has taught visual communication and digital design at the university level for over six years. His research interests are in the development of training methodology for designers and design students, concentrating in interactive learning design and web site evaluation methodology for end-users.

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Visual Communication in Digital Design
Ji Yong Park
ISBN: 9788931434347, 218 pages, $29.99 USD, £18.50 GBP

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