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Here Comes Inside iPhone--O'Reilly Media Alert: A New Online Gathering Place for iPhone Technologists and Developers--Join the Conversation

June 12, 2008

Inside iPhone

Sebastopol, CA—Few new platforms have grabbed the interest of technologists and developers as much as the iPhone. And with the recent announcement of Apple's aggressively priced next generation, more folks than ever will be getting involved with the iPhone. Fortunately just in time for this surge of fresh interest comes Inside iPhone--a dynamic community resource for technologists, developers, and enthusiasts.

"With the next generation iPhone announced, along with the much anticipated App Store, our expert writers will have much to discuss on Inside iPhone," said Derrick Story, O'Reilly's digital media evangelist. At Inside iPhone you'll find technologists passionate about the iPhone platform offering blogs, articles, code and forum chat about the iPhone SDK, web apps and Dashcode, and cool iPhone related innovations.

"Two of the contributors, Paul Kafasis (CEO, Rogue Amoeba) and Oliver Breidenbach (CEO, Boinx Software), live and breathe the business side of software for the Mac. Their knowledge will help new iPhone developers understand the steps to follow for success in this arena. The writing team also includes respected "under the hood" experts, including Erica Sadun, James Cuff, and Richard Thally. These writers know the programming hurdles that developers will need to clear while creating the new wave of software that will enhance the iPhone," added Story.

Blogging on Inside iPhone are some of the best known writers and developers in the iPhone community:

  • Erica Sadun, well known as a lightning rod in the community, who has written, co-written, and contributed to almost two dozen books about technology
  • James Cuff, regarded as a programming genius
  • Paul Kafasis, CEO, Rogue Amoeba, a leading independent software company
  • Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software in Germany, makers of excellent Mac software that's fun to use

"On Inside iPhone, we'll cover the iPhone SDK, web apps and Dashcode, along with other innovations and cool stuff," said Story. "Equally important we'll focus on illuminating how the iPhone interacts at the enterprise level."

So if you're currently developing for the iPhone, or planning to, or simply want to keep abreast of iPhone news, find out what folks are talking about and join the conversation at Inside iPhone today!

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