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O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference Opens Registration: Conference Will Explore Intersection of Finance and Technology

Press release: October 29, 2008

Sebastopol, CA, October 28, 2008—Given any thought to the market lately? As the crisis on Wall Street leaves the financial world careening from highs to lows, finding the best new tools for the volatile new times ahead becomes more crucial than ever. The O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference defines these tools at the intersection of finance and technology. Registration has opened for Money:Tech 2009, February 4-6, 2009, in New York City, and program chairs Paul Kedrosky and Rob Passarella have announced the program.

Money:Tech 2009 is the preeminent conference for investment professionals examining the impact technology has on trading, finance, and investing. Money:Tech 2009 will showcase tools, techniques, and technologies; provide a forum for leading-edge viewpoints; and deliver a first look at industry trends that will have merged into the mainstream by next year.

Money:Tech 2009 will bring together hedge fund managers, professional investors, financial entrepreneurs, technologists, research experts, VCs, high-profile thought leaders, web entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, CTOs and CIOs, business developers, strategists, financial evangelists and activists, as well as equity, financial, and investment analysts.

Some of the sessions and speakers already scheduled include:

  • "Collective Intelligence from an Electronic Trading Floor: Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing Make Financial Markets More Accessible" by Oliver Albers, Claude Courbois, and Jeff Kimsey of NASDAQ OMX
  • "Beyond Equalizers: Cost Effective and Customized Data Harvesting in Real Time" by Stefan Andreasen of Kapow Technologies
  • "Advanced Event Metrics for Mining News Flow and Market Impact" by Craig Bain of Securitization Analytics & Systems Consulting, LLC of Sascon
  • "The Rise and Challenge of Core Scaling" by Bradley Betts of Barclays Global Investors
  • "The 13 Paradoxes of Financial Signal Data" by Eric Christiansen of Barclays Global Investors
  • "Cloud Dreams: From Ideas to Innovation, Use Crowdsourcing to Manage Your Assets" by Mike Culver of Amazon
  • "Modeling Financial Randomness: Monte Carlo Simulations Using Amazon EC2" by Jonathan Dahl of Tumblon
  • "Emotion Dashboard: Harvesting Feelings on the Social Web for Powerful Decisioning" by Nitesh Dhanjani of Ernst & Young LLP
  • "Open Source Analytics: Visualization and Predictive Modeling of Big Data with the R Programming Language" by Michael Driscoll of Dataspora
  • "Evolving Alternative Practices in Investment Research" by Charles Frumberg of Emancipation Capital, Penny Herscher of FirstRain, Inc., Keith McCullough of Research Edge LLC, William Murphy of Capital IQ, and Gregory Saxon of SUNY Buffalo.
  • "Text-mining for Investment Ideas" by Mariko Gordon of Daruma Asset Management
  • "Insights from the Internet's Most-visited Financial Site and Community" by Mark Interrante of Yahoo! Finance
  • "Gleaning Insights from Web Data Adds Conviction to Trading Decisions" by Jason Jones of HighStep Capital and Yatish Srivastav of Connotate
  • "Generating Alpha from Collective Intelligence" by Craig Kaplan of PredictWallStreet, Inc.
  • "An Orderly, Visual Approach to More Profitable Trading" by Scott Kaylie of QuantRunner Software
  • "Turning Information into Investment Inspiration with Trend and Sentiment Analysis Tools" by John Mahoney of InfoNgen
  • "Making Dollars from Sense: How to Monetize the Intelligence of Individuals in a Global Community, in Order to Benefit the Whole of Its Members" by Dmitri Mehlhorn of Gerson Lehrman Group
  • "Advanced Event Metrics for Mining News Flow and Market Impact: Electronic Shareholder Forums and the Future of Investor Relations" by Gary Lutin of The Shareholder Forum, Inc., and Dean Starkman of Columbia Journalism Review
  • "Using Open Source to Analyze Information" by Graham Miller of Marketcetera
  • "Big Data Meets Clever Dumb Statistics: Handling Too Much Information with the Latest Model Selection Techniques" by Jason Morton of Stanford University
  • "Evolving Alternative Practices in Investment Research" by William Murphy of Capital IQ
  • "Advanced Event Metrics for Mining News Flow and Market Impact" by Eric Nowak of Swiss Finance Institute
  • "News Alpha: Ripped From the Headlines" by Alan Slomowitz of Dow Jones

Money:Tech 2009 will offer attendees:

  • A full day of workshops led by experts and innovators
  • Two days of incisive plenary presentations pinpointing how market mashups are transforming the hunt for a money-making edge
  • Demos, panels, presentations, interview-style conversations, and "high order bits" introducing cool startups and applications
  • Mind-opening keynote presentations
  • A Exhibit Hall featuring the latest products, projects, tools, and services
  • The vibrant "hallway" track where attendees, speakers, analysts, and researchers can engage face to face
  • A wealth of networking opportunities with others wrestling with similar issues

Past Money:Tech sponsors and exhibitors included Agoracom, Dow Jones, Capital IQ, Connotate, Gerson Lehrman Group, Good Morning Research, Kapow Technologies, Majestic Research, PredictWallStreet, Thomson Financial, TradeKing, Yahoo! Finance, Yoonew, and Zecco.

Last year's Money:Tech also brought together representatives from companies and organizations like Pipeline Financial, IBM, CNET, InfoGen, Reuters, UC Berkeley, Marketocracy, Forbes, Insight Venture Partners, NYFix, Hitwise, Coburn Ventures, The 451 Group, Wesabe, Gigalogix, Morgan Stanley, Ovum, Tickerhound, Focus Ventures, LinkedIn, Barclays Global,, Intel, IdeaLab, Intuit, Inkling Markets, Altos Research, Warburg Pincus, Wired, Streambase, Capital One, Fidelity, Marketcetera, Cake Financial, and many more.

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