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Embracing the Green! New, Eco-friendly Craft Vol. 9 from O'Reilly Media Features 21 Clever Re-use Projects

Press release: November 19, 2008

Sebastopol, CA—Crafters have always been a resourceful bunch. These DIYers have been recycling for eons, and not just because it was necessary, but rather, because it was fun! Recycling just means that old stuff becomes new stuff, so what's not to love? With a hefty, 43-page special section devoted to the people and projects that embody the latest trends in green crafting, the all new Craft Volume 9 will have you living green—and in style.

From a special section on Green Craft:

  • Toadstool Tote and Rain Bucket Hate: Fuse your plastic shopping bags into fabulously hip, retro-modern accessories.
  • Solar Power: Love using fresh herbs when you cook? Craft shows you how to preserve herbs with a sun-dryer made from reused materials.
  • Second Lives: Check out Craft's roundup of resourceful crafters who revive all manner of objects, including heaps of old newspapers, vintage road maps, expired credit cards, worn out wool sweaters and more.
  • Future of Fashion: The Berlin-based Pamoyo clothing line is turning the fashion world inside-out with open source designs that invite consumers to join the creative process.
  • Hydroponic Veggie Gardener: Who says you need a farm to grow great vegetables? This compact system is perfect for any urban gardener.
  • Mix-and-Match Greeting Cards: Combine 3 paper-crafting techniques to make truly custom cards. Bonus: Craft even includes a template card for embroidery or sewing.
  • T-Shirt Tote: Everyone has old t-shirts lying around. But in little time, these old tees can become a cool tote—Craft shows you how.
  • Reclaimed Vase: Make a papier-mache vessel out of an old plastic container.
  • Furoshiki Fabric-Folding: You may have spent hours making your gift, but don't be surprised if this wrapping steals the show. Furoshiki is an ingenious and eco-friendly Japanese fabric-folding method that dates back to the 8th century.

In this volume's Handmade section, Craft gets grotesque. Grotesque Menagerie, that is. The beasts of Jessica Joslin's menagerie are equally haunting and compelling, and can be found perched on ornate platforms, carnivalesque balls, or carriages. Also in this section is Sarah Hood's tiny sculpture-like jewelry. Her Organic line transforms paper-thin leaves into necklaces, acorns into bracelets, and living plants into rings.

DIY projects from Craft Volume 9:

  • Mosaic Masterpiece: Craft shows you how to turn accidents into art with mosaics. A wonderful way to make amends to all your broken pieces of pottery and dishware, mosaics can be fun even if you're not as much of a klutz as we can be. Break up old dishware and tiles to create beautiful tables and masterpieces!
  • Vintage Book Stash: Admit it: you've got something to hide. There's got to be some little secret private thing you keep stashed in the back of a drawer or deeply sandwiched between your mattress and box spring. And if it's special enough to keep under wraps, give it a proper hiding place by repurposing old books to create a concealed cache that's fit for a small-time jewel thief.
  • Precious Metal Clay: Craft shows you how to make a charm necklace using precious metal clay. No prior jewelry-making experience required!

Other features from Craft Volume 9:

  • Holiday Gift Guide!
    From our fabulous Maker Shed (, this fold-out section highlights some of the crafty delights that are sure to please your significantly-creative other this holiday season.
  • We Love LA!
    Los Angeles is well-known for its strip malls and freeways, but there are also great independent shops where you can find all things crafty—both supplies and handmade goods. Because the city is so vast, Craft has divided it up into specific areas to help you thread your way through those famous freeways.
  • Electronic Embroidery
    Stitch a high-tech wall hanging that doubles as a nightlight!
  • How To Make Ratatouille
    The perfect dish for fall, Ratatouille is comfort food that incorporates all the vegetables of the season in a dish that's as colorful and vibrant as it is tasty. Famed illustrator and watercolorist Elena Nazzaro presents the crafty recipe as only Elena can.

Celebrating the DIY spirit, Craft is the first project-based magazine dedicated to the renaissance occurring within the world of crafts. Selling for $14.99 and loaded with exciting projects that use unconventional, unexpected and even renegade techniques, materials and tools, Craft celebrates resourceful spirits who undertake amazing crafting projects in their home and community. The quarterly magazine ( is published by O'Reilly Media, the premier information resource for technology innovation.

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