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Head First Algebra: Rough Cuts Version--New from O'Reilly: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Solving Algebraic Equations

Press release: November 18, 2008

Head First Algebra: Rough Cuts Version Sebastopol, CA—Having trouble understanding algebra? Do algebraic concepts, equations, and logic just make your head spin? We have great news: Head First Algebra: Rough Cuts Version (O'Reilly Media, $29.99 USD) is designed for you. Full of engaging stories and practical, real-world explanations, this book will help you learn everything from natural numbers and exponents to solving systems of equations and graphing polynomials.

This book is still in progress, but you begin to tackle algebra right away with our Rough Cuts edition, which lets you read the manuscript as it evolves, either online or via PDF.

Along the way, you'll go beyond solving hundreds of repetitive problems, and actually use what you learn to make real-life decisions. Does it make sense to buy two years of insurance on a car that depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot? Can you really afford an XBox 360 and a new iPhone? Learn how to put algebra to work for you, and nail your class exams along the way.

Your time is way too valuable to waste struggling with new concepts. Using the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to craft a multi-sensory learning experience, Head First Algebra: Rough Cuts Version uses a visually rich format specifically designed to take advantage of the way your brain really works.

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Dan Pilone is a Senior Software Architect with Blueprint Technologies, Inc. and a mediocre rock climber. He has designed and implemented systems for Hughes, ARINC, UPS, and the Naval Research Laboratory. He also teaches project management, software design, and software engineering at The Catholic University in Washington D.C.

Tracey Pilone is a technical writer supporting mission planning and RF analysis software for the Navy. She is a licensed Civil Engineer who has worked in construction management for several years in Washington DC. She has a Civil Engineering degree from Virgina Tech and a Masters of Education from the University of Virginia.

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Head First Algebra: Rough Cuts Version
Dan Pilone , Tracey Pilone
ISBN: 9780596156350, 664 pages, $29.99 USD, £21.99 GBP

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