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Programming WCF Services--New from O'Reilly: Building Service-Oriented Applications

Press release: November 21, 2008

Programming WCF Services Sebastopol, CA—All .NET developers should use WCF, says Juval Lowy, regardless of the application types, sizes, or industry domains. "WCF is a fundamental technology that provides an easy and clean way to generate services and application in compliance with what I regard as sound design principles," Lowy explains. "WCF is engineered from the ground up to simplify application development and deployment, and to lower the overall cost of ownership. WCF services are used to build service-oriented applications, from standalone desktop applications to web-based applications and services to high-end enterprise applications."

Lowy's book, Programming WCF Services (Second Edition, O'Reilly, US $49.99) is the authoritative, bestselling introduction to Microsoft's unified platform for developing service-oriented applications (SOA) on Windows. Hailed as the most definitive treatment of WCF available, this relentlessly practical book provides insight, not documentation, to help developers learn the topics and skills they need for building WCF-based applications that are maintainable, extensible, and reusable.

Lowy, a Microsoft software legend and participant in WCF's original strategic design review, revised this new edition for the latest productivity-enhancing features of C# 3.0 and the .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework. The book also contains Lowy's ServiceModelEx, a framework of useful utilities, tools, and helper classes that lets .NET developers simplify and automate many tasks, and extend WCF as well. With this book, readers will:

  • Learn about WCF architecture and essential building blocks, including key concepts such as reliability and transport session
  • Use built-in features such as service hosting, instance management, concurrency management, transactions, disconnected queued calls, and security
  • Take advantage of relevant design options, tips, and best practices in Lowy's ServiceModelEx framework to increase productivity and the quality of WCF services
  • Learn the rationale behind particular design decisions, and discover poorly documented and little-understood aspects of SOA development

"There are few people alive today who know WCF as well as Juval Lowy. The best testament to this is to wander the halls of building 42 in Redmond (where the WCF team works); in many of the offices you will see Programming WCF Services on the shelf."
-Ron Jacobs, Senior Technical Evangelist for WCF, Microsoft Corporation

"Programming WCF Services shows you in great detail what we here at Microsoft have build as a foundation for your applications and services, and the book conveys it with the accuracy, teaching skill, and dedication to architecture that Juval is justly renowned for around the globe."
- Clemens Vasters, Program Manager, Connected Framework Team, Microsoft Corporation

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Juval Löwy is a seasoned software architect and the principal of IDesign, a consulting and training company that focuses on component-oriented design using Microsoft COM+ and the .NET platforms.

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Programming WCF Services, Second Edition
Juval Löwy
ISBN: 9780596521301, 783 pages, Book Price: $49.99 USD, £35.50 GBP
PDF Price: $39.99 USD

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