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Dreamweaver CS4 and Flash CS4--New Missing Manuals from O'Reilly: Dive into CS4 with Two Terrific Books

Press release: December 3, 2008

Sebastopol, CA—There are many compelling reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 4, with its enhanced performance, new photographer-friendly tools, and smooth integration for designing and editing images, Web pages, mobile sites, desktop apps, film, animation, and print layouts. And with many new books and video lessons in the works, O'Reilly's authors are ready to help you make the leap to CS4.

The two newest books from O'Reilly's bestselling Missing Manual series aim to help students, teachers, business professionals, and regular folks of every skill level get the most out of Dreamweaver CS4 and Flash CS4.

Dreamweaver CS4: The Missing Manual ($44.99) by David Sawyer McFarland comes packed with easy to follow and entertaining guidance for both newcomers and those upgrading from an earlier version. McFarland clearly explains how to gain pinpoint control over design and layout using powerful CSS tools, along with providing design guidance, step-by-step tutorials, and invaluable tricks of the trade.

"Dreamweaver CS4 is a serious tool for creating dynamic (database-driven) websites," writes McFarland, a veteran Web designer and bestselling author. "You can now turn your company's database of products into an easily updated online catalog--or turn that cherished recipe collection into an online culinary resource for an adoring public."

On the other hand, Chris Grover's Flash CS4: The Missing Manual ($39.99) shows you how to get the undisputed king of animation software--Flash--to cooperate. "Flash brings you the power of a design studio, expert tools, and the equivalent of a staff of highly trained detail people," writes Grover, a San Francisco Bay Area advertising and design expert. "You still have to come up with an idea for the animation, and, you have to draw (or find and import) at least a couple of images. But beyond that, Flash can take over and generate most of the frames you need to flesh out your animation."

Throughout his new book, Grover clearly shows you how to create movement between images with tools like keyframes and tweening and how to liven things up with audio and video clips, color, and special effects, along with providing many useful tips for testing, debugging, optimizing, and publishing your work.

A trusted resource for 30 years, O'Reilly authors bring their enthusiasm, wit, and practical advice to everything they create. They know their stuff--and they know how to share that knowledge with readers at every level, with a style and independent perspective that's uniquely O'Reilly.

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David Sawyer McFarland is the president of Sawyer McFarland Media Inc., a web development and training company located in Portland, Oregon. David is also the author of CSS: The Missing Manual and Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual.

Chris Grover lives in Fairfax, California with his wife and two daughters. Chris received degrees in Creative Writing and Film from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. He's worked as a technical writer, advertising copywriter and product publicist for more than 25 years. His freelance articles have been published in a variety of magazines from Fine Homebuilding to CD-ROM World.

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Dreamweaver CS4: The Missing Manual
by David Sawyer McFarland
ISBN: 9780596522926, 1087 pages, Book Price: $44.99 USD, £31.99 GBP
PDF Price: $35.99 USD

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