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Press Release: January 26, 2009

The Art of Application Performance Testing--New from O'Reilly: Implement an effective performance-testing strategy

The Art of Application Performance Testing Sebastopol, CA—Businesses in today's world live and die by the performance of mission-critical software applications. "Sadly, many applications are deployed without being adequately tested for scalability and performance," reports Ian Molyneaux, author of The Art of Application Performance Testing (O'Reilly, US $43.99). "Effective performance testing identifies performance bottlenecks in a timely fashion and tells you where they are located in the application landscape."

Molyneaux's book addresses an urgent need in the marketplace for reference material on this subject. "However, this is not a book on how to tune technology X or optimize technology Y," says Molyneaux. "I've intentionally stayed well away from specific technologies except where they actually affect how you go about performance testing. My intention is to provide a commonsense guide that focuses on planning, execution, and interpretation of results and is based on a decade of experience in performance testing projects."

The Art of Application Performance Testing explains the complete life cycle of the testing process, and demonstrates best practices to help you plan, gain approval for, coordinate, and conduct performance tests on your applications. With this book, you'll learn to:

  • Set realistic performance testing goals
  • Implement an effective application performance testing strategy
  • Interpret performance test results
  • Cope with different application technologies and architectures
  • Use automated performance testing tools
  • Test traditional local applications, web-based applications, and web services (SOAs)
  • Recognize and resolves issues that are often overlooked in performance tests

Written by a consultant with 30 years of experience in the IT industry and over 12 years experience with performance testing, this easy-to-read book is illustrated with real-world examples and packed with practical advice. The Art of Application Performance Testing thoroughly explains the pitfalls of an inadequate testing strategy and offers you a robust, structured approach for ensuring that your applications perform well and scale effectively when the need arises.

"Ian has maintained a vendor-agnostic methodology beautifully in this material. The metrics and graphs, along with background information provided in his case studies, eloquently convey to the reader, 'Methodology above all, tools at your discretion...' Ian's expertise shines through throughout the entire reading experience."
– Matt St. Onge, Enterprise Solution Architect, HCL Technologies America / Teradyne

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Ian Molyneaux originally hails from Auckland, New Zealand, and ended up in IT purely by chance after applying for an interesting looking job advertised as "junior computer operator" in the mid '70s. The rest is history, 30 years later he's held many roles in IT, although he's shied away from anything management related as he's a techie at heart.

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The Art of Application Performance Testing
Ian Molyneaux
ISBN: 9780596520663, 158 pages, $34.99 USD, £26.99 GBP

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