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Press Release: March 26, 2009

Twitter API: Up and Running--New from O'Reilly Media: Learn How to Build Applications with the Twitter API

Twitter API: Up and Running Sebastopol, CA—Twitter is the new frontier of the social media movement. And for every forward looking programmer ready to dive into the world of microblogging, O'Reilly's highly anticipated new title, Twitter API: Up and Running ($34.99 US) is here.

"Twitter--a channel for sharing individual status updates with the world--has brought value to the mundane. We have evolved out of that bygone era and into a world measured 140 characters at a time," writes expert author Kevin Makice (who you can follow on Twitter, @kmakice). And he adds, "The Twitter team's decision to open up the service to third-party development was brilliant."

In his groundbreaking book, Makice provides you with the tools and resources necessary to build web applications for Twitter. He clearly explains how each part of Twitter's API works, with detailed examples showing you how to create both practical and fun web applications. He also explores and illuminates Twitter culture and demonstrates how it has inspired programmers to build hundreds of tools and applications.

With Twitter API: Up and Running, you will:

  • Explore every component of a Twitter application and learn how the API responds
  • Get the PHP and MySQL code necessary to build your own applications, with explanations of how these ingredients work
  • Learn from real-world Twitter applications created just for this book
  • Discover the most interesting and useful Twitter programs--and get ideas for creating your own--with the book's Twitter application directory

Twitter offers a new way to connect with people on the Internet, and fortunately, Twitter API: Up and Running takes you right to the heart of this technology.

Advance Praise
"Twitter API: Up and Running is a friendly, accessible introduction to the Twitter API. Even beginning web developers can have a working Twitter project before they know it. Sit down with this for a weekend and you're on your way to Twitter API mastery."
--Alex Payne, Twitter API Lead

"Twitter API: Up and Running is a very comprehensive and useful resource--any developer will feel the urge to code a Twitter-related application right after finishing the book!"
--The Lollicode team, creators of Twitscoop

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Kevin Makice is currently a Ph.D. student at the Indiana University School of Informatics. His research interests center around local use of technology and the application of relational psychology to complexity and design. Past research includes political wikis, tangible interfaces for children's games, machinima, and network analysis of ball movement in basketball. Much of his blogging and academic efforts over the past year has focused on exploring Twitter as a means of community building.

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Twitter API: Up and Running
Kevin Makice
ISBN: 9780596154615, 414 pages, Book Price: $34.99 USD, £22.99 GBP
PDF Price: $27.99 USD

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