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New Database Administration Certificate Series Available From the O'Reilly School of Technology: Database Administration Experts are Made, Not Born

August 6, 2009

O'Reilly School of Technology Sebastopol, CA—The O'Reilly School of Technology (OST), has announced a new Database Administration Certificate series designed to help current or aspiring DBAs learn new skills, build experience, and earn University Certification, all online. The self-paced series comprises four courses covering the core technical and theoretical skills necessary for a complete understanding of database administration using the popular open-source technologies MySQL, Talend Open Studio, and Mondrian.

"Even with the recession, database administration skills are in high demand, but if you want to break into field, it's hard to know where to begin," says Josh Nutzman, DBA and developer of the new series. "I was excited to build these courses in OST's Learning Sandbox(tm), because it allows the students to immerse themselves in the actual technologies being learned without the fear of breaking a live system or having to build one themselves. And they end up getting really good hands-on experience that they can directly apply to their jobs."

The four courses in the Database Administration Certificate Series are:

Each course in the four-part series takes approximately 40 hours to complete. Students have dedicated instructors, but can work through the courses at their own speed, on their own time. With satisfactory completion of the series, students earn a Certificate for Professional Development from the University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education.

In addition to the Database Administration Certificate Series, the O'Reilly School of Technology currently offers certification in Client-Side Web Programming, Linux/Unix System Administration, Java Programming, Web Programming, Open Source Programming, .NET Programming, and PHP/SQL Programming.

For more information about the O'Reilly School of Technology, including a current list of certificate and courses, see: http://www.oreillyschool.com

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