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The CSS Anthology, Third Edition--New from SitePoint: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks

August 25, 2009

Sebastopol, CA—It's taken five years and two previous editions for world-renowned author Rachel Andrew to deliver her CSS masterpiece. The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 3rd edition (SitePoint, $39.95 USD) is now available--a collection of inspiring, ready-to-use CSS solutions.

Printed in full-color, The CSS Anthology is a book readers will refer back to time and time again. As the title suggests, it contains over 100 solutions to everyday CSS problems, such as those painful three-column layouts.

It's been completely revised and updated to cover the latest techniques and newest browsers, including Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8.

The CSS Anthology solves problems such as:

  • Combining CSS with images to create impressive visual effects
  • Building navigation, rollovers, and menus without JavaScript
  • Solving cross-browser compatibility problems
  • Designing flexible two- and three-column layouts

The CSS code used to create each of the components in the book is available for instant download, and is guaranteed to be simple, efficient, best practice, and ready for use.

SitePoint Technical Editor, Andrew Tetlaw comments, "The gem of this book is Rachel's highly pragmatic approach to CSS; you'll spend less time hacking CSS code and more time creating stunning designs and layouts. This book is a helpful and trustworthy companion that you'll use time and again."

For review copies or more information please email sitepointpr@oreilly.com. Please include your delivery address and contact information.

For other inquires, such as excerpt or interview requests, please contact Shayne.Tilley@sitepoint.com.

Rachel Andrew is the Director of edgeofmyseat.com, a Web solutions company in the UK. She is a member of the Web Standards Project, serving on the Dreamweaver Task force. Rachel's writing credits include: Dreamweaver Developer's InstantTroubleshooter (Apress), Dreamweaver MX Design Projects (Apress), Dynamic Dreamweaver MX (glasshaus), Fundamental Web Design And Development Skills (glasshaus).

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For more information please visit the dedicated landing page for The CSS Anthology, Third Edition:

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, Third Edition
Publisher: SitePoint
Rachel Andrew
ISBN: 9780980576801, 400 pages,
Book Price: $39.95 USD

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