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Press Release: October 22, 2009

The Sustainable Network--New from O'Reilly: The Accidental Answer for a Troubled Planet

Sebastopol, CA—What technologies do we need to solve the complex environmental, economic, social, and political challenges facing us today? In this thought-provoking new book from O'Reilly Media, author Sarah Sorenson (@sahsoc) reveals that one tool for enacting change is already at our fingertips: the global network.

The Sustainable Network (US $29.99) issues a call to action—a challenge to governments, markets, organizations, groups, and individuals to put the power of this growing network to work. This vast global network is the one thing with the power to unite us all, but the role it might play is still a mystery to most people.

Sorenson says, "The network is everywhere, changing everything. Yet, in spite of its pervasiveness very few people really know what the network is. The fear is that without an understanding of the network, we will not be able to use it to its full advantage. So, I wrote this book to help create awareness of the role the network plays in our lives, businesses and governments in hopes that with this understanding we can collectively innovate and better leverage this amazing connective tool to really affect change."

With this book, Sorensen:

  • Illuminates that the idea that the sustainable network could serve as a connector, with examples of how it's already affecting change in different areas
  • Illustrates how the network can magnify the effect of small changes and new ideas, and explores the role that different market and political forces will play in shaping their impact
  • Offers suggestions on how the network can be improved to better address environmental, economic, and social conditions
  • Provides insight and practical advice that individuals and businesses, large and small, can apply to their daily lives and operations

Advance Praise
"If you've ever wondered how the network delivers everything you ask of it, start reading this book. And if that makes you say, 'Wow! What else can it do?', then keep reading!"
--Scott Kriens, Chairman of the Board, Juniper Networks, Inc.

"The threats to both the communication network and the climate are real, but Sarah Sorensen shows how investing in the first might just help us save the second."
--Ed Krol, author of The Whole Internet

"This book is timely to the issues of how we sustain our world with technology. A must read!"
--Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo

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Sarah Sorensen is the principal of Sorensen Consulting, a sustainability and strategic communications consultancy. She spent eight years at Juniper Networks in a variety of product and corporate marketing roles.

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For more information about the book, including table of contents, index, author bios, and cover graphic, see:

The Sustainable Network
Sarah Sorensen
ISBN: 9780596157036, 364 pages,
Book Price: $29.99 USD, £22.99 GBP
Ebook Price: $23.99 USD

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