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Remote Control Everything (Even Your Chicken Coop) with the New MAKE Magazine--MAKE: Volume 22 presents awesome do-it-yourself projects for controlling any gadget, and uncovers the technology trends sparking a remote control revolution.

April 20, 2010

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Sebastopol, CAMAKE Magazine Volume 22 ("Remote Control Everything"), hitting newsstands April 20, explores how to remotely control all kinds of gadgets using state-of-the-art radio control (R/C), motion detection, the Internet, smartphones, web chat, and more.

Three technology trends are sparking a remote control revolution: R/C radio technology has drastically improved, servomotors and microcontrollers are being miniaturized, and the Internet allows smartphones to control almost anything. Do-it-yourselfers are building web-controlled chicken coops, radio-controlled lawn mowers—even driving real cars with their iPhones.

Remote control projects in MAKE: Volume 22 include:

  • The Lawnbot400 R/C lawn mower—sit back and enjoy the mow!
  • Kitty Twitty cat toy that tweets (on Twitter) when your cat attacks
  • Automated chicken coop controlled by iPhone
  • Motion-detecting Nikon camera remote
  • Stealthy TV-B-Gone hoodie sweatshirt that turns off TV sets
  • Remote control pet feeder using web chat
  • Solar tracking platform that automatically follows the sun
  • How to hack R/C power outlets—control your whole house from one computer
  • Robots you can control with your mind! (Okay, this one involves a trick, but it's still cool)

In addition, you'll learn how to:

  • Replace your broken iPhone screen
  • Make the Double Pendulum—a simple project that creates absolute chaos
  • Make fresh cheese from goat's milk
  • Make a monster USB MIDI controller with 8 microphones
  • Extract your own perfumes and essential oils
  • Wind your own electric guitar pickups, and make a Diddley Bow (the primal electric guitar made famous by Jack White of The White Stripes)

Plus, filmmaker and YouTube sensation PES shows how he creates his amazing stop-motion animation; and 8 top hobbyists and industry leaders tell what's hot in Remote Control. What on earth are foamies, Frankensteining, and aqua modeling? Get MAKE: Volume 22 and find out.

COMING UP: MAKE has been nominated for the 2010 Utne Independent Press Awards for Science/Technology Coverage. Winners will be announced April 25.

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Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 22
Edited by Mark Frauenfelder
ISBN: 9780596807184, 176 pages,
Book Price: $14.99 USD, £11.50 GBP
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