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Two New Books on Programming Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft Press

December 14, 2010


Get started building applications for Windows Phone 7 with these two new books from Microsoft Press: Microsoft® XNA® Framework Edition: Programming Windows® Phone 7 and Microsoft® Silverlight® Edition: Programming Windows® Phone 7. Bring your app ideas to life with guidance from Windows programming legend Charles Petzold. Please contact me with the titles you're interested in.

—Gretchen Giles, gretchen@oreilly.com

New Releases from Microsoft Press

Microsoft® XNA® Framework Edition: Programming Windows® Phone 7
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This book focuses on the core concepts and techniques for creating apps with Microsoft XNA, with coverage of Microsoft Visual Studio®, .NET Framework managed code sandbox, the phone emulator, sensors, and location. As always, Charles brings a unique combination of pragmatism and authority to his instruction—along with an eminently readable style and a wealth of hands-on examples.

Microsoft® Silverlight® Edition: Programming Windows® Phone 7
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Focusing on Silverlight and the C# language, you'll learn how to extend your existing skills to the Windows Phone 7 platform—mastering the core tools and techniques for creating your own apps and utilities. Discover how to customize page navigation and layout, know when to use code vs. XAML markup, work with accelerometer and location services, and more.

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NOTE: Microsoft® XNA® Framework Edition: Programming Windows® Phone 7 and Microsoft® Silverlight Edition: Programming Windows® Phone 7 are fully indexed, print-book versions of a single electronic edition titled Programming Windows Phone 7, which is available as a free ebook from the Microsoft Download Center.

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