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Press Release: April 12, 2011

Two New Titles on Asterisk from O'Reilly Media


Asterisk is software that turns an ordinary computer into a communications server. Learn how to use it early and often with two new titles from O'Reilly Media: Asterisk: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition and Asterisk Cookbook. Please contact me to receive review copies of the titles that interest you.

—Gretchen Giles,

New Titles from O'Reilly

Asterisk Cookbook
Solutions to Everyday Telephony Problems
by Leif Madsen, Russell Bryant
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Asterisk has a wealth of features to help you customize your PBX to fill very specific business needs. This short cookbook offers recipes for tackling dialplan fundamentals, making and controlling calls, and monitoring channels in your PBX environment. Each recipe includes a simple code solution you can put to work immediately, along with a detailed discussion that offers insight into why and how the recipe works.

"The deployment of Asterisk is continuing to grow at a rapid pace," says coauthor Russell Bryant (@russellbryant). "There were an estimated two million downloads in 2010. As businesses look to cut costs, converting to Voice over IP is a common trend, and Asterisk is at the forefront of that transition." Coauthor Leif Madsen (@leifmadsen) agrees: "Asterisk is no longer just a technology found in the backrooms of geeks and technologists as a play-thing," he says, "but rather is serious technology that large telephony applications are being deployed on."

Asterisk: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition
The Future of Telephony Is Now
by Leif Madsen, Jim Van Meggelen, Russell Bryant
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Revised for the upcoming 1.8 release of the Asterisk open source PBX, this bestselling guide provides a complete roadmap for installing, configuring, and integrating this powerful software with existing phone systems. Asterisk: The Definitive Guide has everything you need to know to design a complete system with little or no Asterisk experience, and no more than rudimentary telecommunications knowledge.

Updating his original book for the third time, lead author Jim Van Meggelen (@LootBag) is satisfied with the strength of the new edition. "This book aims to give readers the ability to build a working Asterisk system from scratch," he says.

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