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Media alert: September 15, 2011

Whether your audience is hip to HTML5, groks the wonders of the Arduino, needs to learn about or store data, intends to join the current future, or simply longs for a new programming tool—we've got them (and you) covered. Witness the bevy below. There's something for virtually everyone in this new crop of great releases. Please use the gold button to request a review copy of any title that makes a fit. As always, we welcome your feedback and appreciate your attention.

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Lars GeorgeLars George

Lars George has been involved with HBase since 2007, and became a full HBase committer in 2009. He has spoken at various Hadoop User Group meetings, as well as large conferences such as FOSDEM in Brussels. He also started the Munich OpenHUG meetings. He now works for Cloudera to support Hadoop and HBase in and around Europe through technical support, consulting work, and training. His new book, HBase: The Definitive Guide reveals a scalable storage solution to accommodate a virtually endless amount of data.