Four short links: 1 December 2016

AI Fears, Amazon Bot Framework, Data Web App, and Feature Factories

By Nat Torkington
December 1, 2016
  1. Genevieve Bell: Humanity’s Greatest Fear is About Being Irrelevant (Guardian) — Mori’s argument was that we project our own anxieties and when we ask: “Will the robots kill us?”, what we are really asking is: “Will we kill us?” Coming from a Japanese man who lived through the 20th century, that might not be an unreasonable question. He wonders what would happen if we were to take as our starting point that technology could be our best angels, not our worst.
  2. Introducing Amazon Lex — Amazon’s bot framework, basically building out from Alexa intents.
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  4. CyberChef — GCHQ’s web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis, which you can play with straight from GitHub.
  5. 12 Signs You’re in a Feature Factory — I’m crying, it’s so accurate. The signs: No measurement. Rapid shuffling of teams. Success theatre. Infrequent (acknowledged) failures. No connection to core metrics. No PM retrospectives. Obsessing about prioritization. No tweaking. Culture of hand-offs. Large batches. Chasing upfront revenue. Shiny objects.
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