Four short links: 1 June 2017

Slack Topics, Internet Trends, Economics as UI, and Paper Fingerprinting

By Nat Torkington
June 1, 2017
  1. A Bot That Helps Slack Users Stay On Topic — very cute, it builds a signature for each channel based on the conversations that happen in it. When someone posts something better suited to another channel’s fingerprint (the example given is talking about football in a channel for scuba diving), the bot tells them where it’s better suited.
  2. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends — looks like the rising tide of internet, web, and mobile adoption is past its maximum growth. The easy growth is over. As Buffett said, “when the tide goes out you can see who was swimming naked.”
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  4. Algorithmic Fallibility and Economic Organization (NESTA) — a point that Jaron Lanier made in his 2010 book, “Who Owns the Future”: ‘with every passing year, economics must become more and more about the design of the machines that mediate human social behaviour. A networked information system guides people in a more direct, detailed, and literal way than does policy. Another way to put it is that economics must turn into a large-scale, systemic version of user interface design.’
  5. Texture to the Rescue: Practical Paper Fingerprinting based on Texture Patternsa novel paper fingerprinting technique based on analyzing the translucent patterns revealed when a light source shines through the paper. (via NCL)
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