Four short links: 1 March 2019

Voice Data, Lunar Library, IP Rights, Computational Photography

By Nat Torkington
March 1, 2019
  1. Common Voice Data (Mozilla) — largest dataset of human voices available for use, including 18 different languages, adding up to almost 1,400 hours of recorded voice data from more than 42,000 contributors. (via Mozilla blog)
  2. The Lunar LibraryThe Arch Mission Foundation is nano-etching 30,000,000 pages’ worth of “archives of human history and civilization, covering all subjects, cultures, nations, languages, genres, and time periods” onto 25 DVD-sized, 40-micron-thick discs that will be deposited on the surface of the moon in 2019 by the Beresheet lander. (that’s from BoingBoing’s coverage)
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  4. IP Rights of Hackathons (OKFN) — The tool is a set of documents. […] The “default settings” of the documents are such that participants’ intellectual property rights stay with participants. [….] These settings are in the pre-participation document, and the post-participation document is for writing down an agreement among the contributing group members over their rights, permissions, terms, etc. so that they know what they can do with the output of their team.
  5. Spectre AppSpectre lets you erase moving tourists from busy locations or capture light trails and water movements from the camera on your iPhone. Computational photography is awesome, but I feel like all these apps are implementing what will become features of The Camera App on your phone. Unless, that is, the UI for a camera app that can do everything is Too Much For Mortals and people actually want a half-dozen different camera apps.
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