Four short links: 1 May 2019

Intermediate Vim, Newsletter Numbers, Automating Assessment, and Financial Modeling

By Nat Torkington
May 1, 2019
  1. Intermediate Vima few tips to level up your editing skills from beginner to intermediate.
  2. Newsletters Can Be Profitable (Buzzfeed) — Substack’s 12 top-earning writers make an average of more than $160,000 each, the company told BuzzFeed News. And more than 40,000 people are paying for Substack newsletters today.
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  4. Final Draft to Assess Against Bechdel Test (NYT) — In an update announced Thursday, Final Draft—software that writers use to format scripts—said it will now include a proprietary “Inclusivity Analysis” feature, allowing filmmakers “to quickly assign and measure the ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or any other definable trait of the characters,” including race, the company said in a statement. It also will enable users to determine if a project passes the Bechdel Test, measuring whether two female characters speak to each other about anything other than a man. The faster people get feedback, the more effect it has. I expect this to have significant effect on scripts. (via Marginal Revolution)
  5. How Pharmaceutical Industry Financial Modelers Think About Your Rare Disease — Today in “how to see with the eyes of a specialist.” To me, the biggest lesson from playing with this model has been to observe just how profoundly the lag time and probability of success shape the financial picture of drug development.
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