Four short links: 1 November 2019

Research Tool, Conversational AI, Nothing to Hide, and Battery Ingredients

By Nat Torkington
November 1, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Vortimosoftware that organizes information on webpages you’ve visited. It records pages you go to, extracts data from them, and enriches the data that was extracted. It augments the pages in your browser by allowing you to tag objects as well as decorating objects it deems important. It then arranges the data in a UI. Vortimo supports switching between cases/projects seamlessly. You can also generate PDF reports based on the aggregated information and meta information.
  2. DeepPavlovAn open source conversational AI framework.
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  4. ‘I’ve Got Nothing to Hide’ and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy — 2007 paper In this essay, I will explore the “nothing to hide” argument and its variants in more depth. Grappling with the “nothing to hide” argument is important because the argument reflects the sentiments of a wide percentage of the population. In popular discourse, the “nothing to hide” argument’s superficial incantations can readily be refuted. But when the argument is made in its strongest form, it is far more formidable.
  5. Projected Battery Minerals and Metals Global Shortage — eye-watering presentation, estimating the effect of predicted demand upon the supply/availability of key minerals and metals. Contains alarming statements like: What is needed to replace 2016 global fleet would consume 93.3% of Global Ni Resources.
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