Four short links: 10 August 2017

Sarcasm Detector, GMO Salmon, New Deep Learning Courses, and Serverless Malware Detection

By Nat Torkington
August 10, 2017
  1. An Algorithm Trained on Emoji Knows When You’re Being Sarcastic on Twitter (MIT TR) — They also tested it against humans, using volunteers recruited through the crowdsourcing site Mechanical Turk. They found it was better than the humans at spotting sarcasm and other emotions on Twitter. It was 82% accurate at identifying sarcasm correctly, compared with an average score of 76% for the human volunteers.
  2. GMO Salmon On Sale (Guardian) — Originally developed by a group of Canadian scientists at Newfoundland’s Memorial University, the salmon can grow twice as fast as conventionally farmed Atlantic salmon, reaching adult size in some 18 months as compared to 30 months. The product also requires 75% less feed to grow to the size of wild salmon, reducing its carbon footprint by up to 25 times, the company has claimed.
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  4. New Coursera Deep Learning Courses — topics: neural networks, tuning and optimization, structuring ML projects, convolutional neural networks, sequence models.
  5. BinaryAlertServerless, real-time, and retroactive malware detection from Airbnb. (via Airbnb Engineering blog)
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