Four short links: 10 August 2018

CS for DS, Operations Research, Coding Sandpit, and GitHub's Load Balancer

By Nat Torkington
August 10, 2018
  1. The Best Books on Computer Science for Data Scientists (Hadley Wickham) — a solid list.
  2. OR Toolsan open source, fast, and portable software suite for solving combinatorial optimization problems.
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  4. Pencil Codea collaborative programming site for drawing art, playing music, and creating games. It is also a place to experiment with mathematical functions, geometry, graphing, webpages, simulations, and algorithms. Programs are open for all to see and copy. In my head as a good “what next after Scratch?”
  5. GLB Director: GitHub Load Balancera Layer 4 load balancer that scales a single IP address across a large number of physical machines while attempting to minimize connection disruption during any change in servers.
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