Four short links: 10 February 2020

Digital Dictators, Meaningful Availability, GTM Metrics, and High-Dimensional Interactive Plots

By Nat Torkington
February 10, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. The Digital Dictators: How Technology Strengthens Autocracy (Foreign Affairs) — Dictatorships harness technology not only to suppress protests but also to stiffen older methods of control.
  2. Meaningful Availability — Google paper. This paper presents and evaluates, in the context of Google’s G Suite, a novel availability metric: windowed user-uptime. This metric has two main components. First, it directly models user-perceived availability and avoids the bias in commonly used availability metrics. Second, by simultaneously calculating the availability metric over many windows it can readily distinguish between many short periods of unavailability and fewer but longer periods of unavailability.
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  4. GTM Metrics — Tweetstream. There is a dazzling amount of inconsistency in what GTM metrics are presented at board meetings of early stage B2B companies. Here is my hit list of the most important, and why.
  5. HiPlot: High-dimensional Interactive Plots Made Easy (Facebook AI) — a lightweight interactive visualization tool to help AI researchers discover correlations and patterns in high-dimensional data. It uses parallel plots and other graphical ways to represent information more clearly, and it can be run quickly from a Jupyter Notebook with no setup required.
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