Four short links: 10 July 2017

Multics Emulated, Physics Explained, DRM Vilified, and Lisp in Convenient Notebook Form​

By Nat Torkington
July 10, 2017
  1. Running Multics on the DPS8M Emulator — how-to guide that’ll let you experience 1965 tech. I love that there’s a new release of Multics (fore-runner of Unix) decades after the last hardware capable of running it died. (via Slashdot)
  2. The Mechanical Universe (YouTube) — a critically acclaimed series of 52 30-minute videos covering the basic topics of an introductory university physics course. So, like a MOOC or Khan Academy, but from 1985. (via Caltech)
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  4. DRM is Toxic to Culture — can’t be said enough. Technology-enforced restrictions quantize and prejudge discretion.
  5. DarkmatterThe notebook-style Common Lisp environment​. ​
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