Four short links: 10 June 2016

Surgical Robot, Tango Phone, Flying Cars, and Product Process

By Nat Torkington
June 10, 2016
  1. Surgical Robot Cleared for UseA close reading of recent patent applications filed by Auris scientists shows that the company is focusing on so-called endolumenal (or endoluminal) surgery. This involves surgeons introducing flexible robots via the body’s natural openings (the mouth in particular), to address conditions of the throat, lungs, and gastrointestinal system. IEEE Spectrum can reveal that Auris has already carried out at least one successful human trial of such a robot, outside the United States.
  2. First Project Tango Phone ShipsThe phone’s dual cameras create an “eye” that sees its surroundings in 3D with depth perception, while additional sensors monitor location and nearby objects 250,000 times per second. I’m excited by the AR and VR possibilities of this for capture and real-time interaction.
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  4. Flying Car Factories — not one but two, funded by the same chap, one Mr L. Page. “By going to electric propulsion, you get rid of the vast majority of the complexity, cost, and unreliability,” Moore says. “This is why com­panies looking at this area aren’t insane.” Moore credits Musk’s Tesla and other automakers with advancing the technology.
  5. Building Products (Julie Zhuo) — Product Design VP at Facebook spells it out.
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