Four short links: 10 November 2016

Python Embedded, Pipeline Workflow, Ahem Detector, and Rapid Iteration in Shenzhen

By Nat Torkington
November 10, 2016
  1. PYNQ — Xilinx embedded system programmable in Python, with Jupyter Notebook. (via Brian Jepson)
  2. AirFlow — data pipeline workflow automation.
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  4. Deep Learning Ahem Detector — I have known speakers who needed one of these to run with a real-time filter. I could live with a 300ms lag.
  5. Day 7: ShenzhenWhy, it seems to be the thinking, hire a design consultancy to run a workshop that defines the minimal viable product or core features if you can just build variations of the product and test them in the market under real-life conditions?
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