Four short links: 11 Aug 2020

Immutable Database, Smart Mask, CyberCode Game, and Python Security Auditing

By Nat Torkington
August 11, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. ImmuDBlightweight, high-speed immutable database for systems and applications. Open Source and easy to integrate into any existing application. Latest version provides multitenancy.
  2. Smart Mask — (CNN) Japanese startup Donut Robotics […] created a smart mask — a high-tech upgrade to standard face coverings, designed to make communication and social distancing easier. In conjunction with an app, the C-Face Smart mask can transcribe dictation, amplify the wearer’s voice, and translate speech into eight different languages. Masks are the latest wearables.
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  4. CyberCode Onlinea Cyber Punk inspired, Text Based MMORPG Browser Game where gameplay interfaces are ‘Stealthily’ mimicking the VSCode interface. VSCode has such huge mindshare, people are copying its interface for games.
  5. pysa — Facebook’s static analysis tool for finding security problems in Python code. It’ll find data flow problems: Pysa performs iterative rounds of analysis to build summaries to determine which functions return data from a source and which functions have parameters that eventually reach a sink. If Pysa finds that a source eventually connects to a sink, it reports an issue. SQL injections are where data from a web form eventually makes it to a SQL request.
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