Four short links: 12 February 2020

Engineering Strategy, Many Parameters, Organizing Information, and 3D Printing

By Nat Torkington
February 12, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Drafting an Engineering Strategy (Mathias Meyer) — how he crafted his strategy as a new (remote) CTO.
  2. T-NLG (Microsoft) — a 17 billion parameter language model by Microsoft that outperforms the state of the art on many downstream NLP tasks. If you want me, I’ll be here still boggling at 17B parameters.
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  4. Contextualisea simple and flexible [open source] tool particularly suited for organizing information-heavy projects and activities consisting of unstructured and widely diverse data and information resources.
  5. McDonald’s Deep Fryer Oil to 3D-Printing Resin — what this article doesn’t mention is whether it still smells delicious. Another key advantage is biodegradability. The researchers found that burying a 3D-printed object made with their resin in soil lost 20% of its weight in about two weeks. “If you bury it in soil, microbes will start to break it down because, essentially, it’s just fat,” Simpson says.
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