Four short links: 12 January 2018

Sharing Concepts, Augment Engineers, AI for Good, and AI to Spot Lies

By Nat Torkington
January 12, 2018
  1. One Model to Learn Them All (Paper a Day) — summary of a nifty paper that has one neural net per input modality (speech, text, pictures, etc.) but a shared encoder to create a unified representation. This lets you share concepts between different modalities, the way that a banana is a banana whether we read about it, talk about it, or see one.
  2. We Need to Build Machine Learning Tools to Augment Machine Learning Engineers (Ben Lorica) — Your staff of experts will still need to look through issues that arise, but they will need at least some automated tools to help them handle the volume of models in production.
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  4. Open AI Challenge: Aerial Imagery of South PacificThe winning team(s) will receive public praise and a Certificate of Achievement. More importantly, they will enable the World Bank and partners to significantly accelerate the analysis of aerial imagery before and after major humanitarian disasters. This will help accelerate and improve humanitarian and development efforts across the South Pacific. Winning teams will also have the opportunity to engage in other related projects around the world. (via DIY Drones)
  5. Deception Analysis and Reasoning Enginea system for covert automated deception detection using information available in a video. Code on GitHub.
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