Four short links: 12 June 2020

Robots, Source Hacking, Anonymous Camera, and Apple in China

By Nat Torkington
June 12, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. OpenSHCSyropod High-level Controller (SHC) is a versatile controller capable of generating body poses and gaits for quasi-static multilegged robots. It is implemented as a C++ ROS package that can be easily deployed on legged robots with different sensor, leg and joint configurations.
  2. Source HackingIn this report, we identify four specific techniques of source hacking: 1. Viral Sloganeering: repackaging reactionary talking points for social media and press amplification; 2. Leak Forgery: prompting a media spectacle by sharing forged documents; 3. Evidence Collages: compiling information from multiple sources into a single, shareable document, usually as an image; 4. Keyword Squatting: the strategic domination of keywords and sockpuppet accounts to misrepresent groups or individuals These four tactics of source hacking work.
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  4. Anonymous Camera — Real-time removal of faces, voices. etc. to maintain privacy in video.
  5. Apple’s Success in China — A long article looking at the history of Apple in China, successes and failures. Part 1 introduces the essay series. Part 2 explains Apple’s product-zeitgeist fit in China. Part 3 looks at product localization. Part 4 looks at Apple’s services in China and relationship with Tencent. Part 5 looks at the complexities of operating in China. Part 6 and Part 7 look at Apple’s compliance efforts in respect of the App Store and iCloud respectively. Part 8 looks at Apple’s investment in DiDi. Part 9 concludes with lessons from Apple’s experience in China.
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