Four short links: 12 March 2019

Digital Music, Smart Camera, Cell Network Software, and Gender Equity

By Nat Torkington
March 12, 2019
  1. Protocols: Duty, Despair and Decentralization (Mat Dryhurst) — Another cold-light-of-day re-reading of the surge of poptimism in the press over the past decade is to see it as the bargaining stage of grief over the seemingly inexorable charge of bot-like popular figures who hoover up ideas from the margins and deploy significant resources to capture a moment with music fortified from any potentially critical angle one might level at it. Pop stars are better understood as monarchic CEO’s of content production studios atop a feudal, trickle up, creative economy. They have adapted to the online ecosystem far faster than the critical systems that might have one day raised objection to them. A fascinating and energetic stream of consciousness about the internet-disabled/enabled music industry.
  2. Under the Hood: Portal’s Smart Camera (Facebook) — how it follows you as you move around the room, with interesting pictures of the prototypes and how they automated what directors do (in some cases).
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  4. MagmaMagma is an open source software platform that gives network operators an open, flexible, and extendable mobile core network solution. Magma enables better connectivity by: (1) Allowing operators to offer cellular service without vendor lock-in with a modern, open source core network; (2) Enabling operators to manage their networks more efficiently with more automation, less downtime, better predictability, and more agility to add new services and applications; (3) Enabling federation between existing MNOs and new infrastructure providers for expanding rural infrastructure; (4) Allowing operators who are constrained with licensed spectrum to add capacity and reach by using Wi-Fi and CBRS. Want to spin up your own LTE network? (via Facebook blog)
  5. Gender Equity Resources (NAVA) — is for the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) sector, but there’s a lot to adapt for your tech workplace, too. (via Courtney Johnston)
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