Four short links: 13 December 2016

Battery Basics, Chip Futures, Hedge Fund Hack, and Diverse Paths to Dev

By Nat Torkington
December 13, 2016
  1. Battery Basics (YouTube) — a tour of the major types of power cells available, highlighting their notable quirks & characteristics along the way. (via BoingBoing)
  2. Arch2030: A Vision of Computer Architecture Research over the Next 15 Years — Recommendations: democratize system design; deliver hardware innovations through the cloud; 3D integration as new path to scaling; more radical changes to the physical substrate; machine learning becoming a key workload. (via CCC Blog)
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  4. 7,500 Faceless Coders Paid in Bitcoin to Build a Hedge Fund’s Brain (Wired) — hedge fund that crowdsources algorithms, using homomorphic encryption to prevent algorithm authors from knowing what data they’re acting on (and thus being able to profit without the hedge fund).
  5. One Direction (Sacha Judd) — So what if your first experience of “code” is cutting and pasting something to bring back replies because Tumblr took them away and broke your experience of the site. Is that any more or less valid than any dev cutting and pasting from Stack Exchange all day long? Cutting and pasting to solve immediate problems is how a generation learned to write CGI scripts, and is how I’m learning R. An A+ talk from Sacha.
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