Four short links: 13 June 2016

Architectural Debt, Bot Summit, Emoji Learning, and Hysteria History

By Nat Torkington
June 13, 2016
  1. Identifying and Quantifying Architectural DebtAfter studying seven Apache open source projects (Camel, Cassandra, CXF, Hadoop, HBase, PDFBox, and Wicket) and finding between 74 and 204 instance of architectural debt in each project, the authors found that from 51%-85% of the maintenance effort in these projects is consumed by paying interest on those debts.
  2. Bot Summit 2016 — video of the talks from an event where botmakers from around the world get together, both in person and online, to discuss the art and craft of making software bots.
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  4. Emoji and Deep Learning — cute.
  5. Robots Have Been About To Take All The Jobs for More Than 200 YearsThe 1950s kicked off with concern in the UK over a “robot revolution”
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