Four short links: 14 August 2018

Hyrum's Law, Academic Torrents, Logic Textbook, and Suboptimal Fairness

By Nat Torkington
August 14, 2018
  1. Hyrum’s LawWith a sufficient number of users of an API, it does not matter what you promise in the contract: all observable behaviors of your system will be depended on by somebody. (via Simon Willison)
  2. Academic Torrentsa community-maintained distributed repository for data sets and scientific knowledge. 27GB and growing.
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  4. Open Logic Projecta collection of teaching materials on mathematical logic aimed at a non-mathematical audience, intended for use in advanced logic courses as taught in many philosophy departments. It is open source: you can download the LaTeX code. It is open: you’re free to change it whichever way you like, and share your changes. It is collaborative: a team of people is working on it, using the GitHub platform, and we welcome contributions and feedback. And it is written with configurability in mind.
  5. Delayed Impact of Fair Machine Learning (Paper a Day) — it’s therefore possible to have a fairness intervention with the unintended consequence of leaving the disadvantaged group worse off than they were before.
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