Four short links: 14 August 2019

Hardware Deplatforming, Hiring Groupthink, Loot Boxes and Problem Gambling, and Interoperability and Privacy

By Nat Torkington
August 14, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Getting Deplatformed from Apple (BoingBoing) — It turned out that getting locked out of his Apple account made all of Luke’s Apple hardware almost useless. I think it should be illegal to do this. I believe in deplatforming (with appropriate boundaries and appeal) but breaking my hardware is bollocks.
  2. How to Avoid Groupthink When Hiring (HBR) — abridged process: First, make it clear to interviewers that they should not share their interview experiences with each other before the final group huddle. Next, ask each interviewer to perform a few steps before the group huddle: distill their interview rating to a single numerical score; write down their main arguments for and against hiring this person and their final conclusion; If interviewers are emailing in their numerical scores and thoughts on a candidate, don’t include the entire group in the email. Finally, the hiring managers should take note of the average score for a candidate.
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  4. Loot Boxes a Matter of “Life or Death,” says Researcher“‘There’s one clear message that I want to get across today, and it stands in stark contrast to mostly everything you’ve heard so far,’ Zendle said. ‘The message is this: Spending money on loot boxes is linked to problem gambling. The more money people spend on loot boxes, the more severe their problem gambling is. This isn’t just my research. This is an effect that has been replicated numerous times across the world by multiple independent labs. This is something the games industry does not engage with’.”
  5. Interoperability and Privacy (BoingBoing) — latest in the tear that Cory Doctorow’s been on about how to deal with the centralised power of BigSocial.
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