Four short links: 14 December 2016

State of Tech, Ransom Market, Ethical AI, and Self-Driving Car Roundup

By Nat Torkington
December 14, 2016
  1. State of Tech at the End of 2016 (Ben Thompson) — from Facebook has monetized confirmation bias through the risk for the technology industry is that we are now the incumbents, it’s all good reading.
  2. The Ransom Market (WaPo) — The private governance regime for resolving criminal kidnappings generally delivers low and stable ransoms and predictable numbers of kidnappings. Most kidnappings can be resolved for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. This makes profitable kidnapping insurance possible. When the protocol fails, insurers sustain losses and must innovate to regain control. (via BoingBoing)
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  4. Ethically Aligned Design (PDF) — draft of IEEE’s paper on AI ethics. Huge pile of Work To Do. Once the relevant sets of norms (of AIS’s specific role in a specific community) have been identified, it is not clear how such norms should be built into a computational architecture. So true.
  5. A Survey of Motion Planning and Control Techniques for Self-driving Urban Vehicles (PDF) — starts easy, gets mathy past the intro. Good to get a framework for just how this magic works, though.
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