Four short links: 14 February 2020

Advanced Binary Deobfuscation, Data Liberation, Video Conversion, and Tesla Firmware

By Nat Torkington
February 14, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. ABDCourse materials for Advanced Binary Deobfuscation by NTT Secure Platform Laboratories.
  2. Building Data Liberation InfrastructureYou can treat this as a tutorial on liberating your data from any service. I’ll be explaining some technical decisions and guidelines on: how to reliably export your data from the cloud (and other silos), locally; how to organize it for easy and fast access; how to keep it up to date without constant maintenance; how to make the infrastructure modular, so other people could use only parts they find necessary and extend it.
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  4. AutoFlip — Google’s AI-powered open source tool for intelligently converting video between landscape, portrait, square, etc., dimensions. (via Google AI Blog)
  5. Reverse-Engineering the Tesla Firmware Upgrade Process — always interesting to see how other people do it, and the open questions about how Tesla’s security is implemented.
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