Four short links: 14 July 2016

DB UI, Belinda Johnson, New Librarian of Congress, and Reactors for Distributed Programming

By Nat Torkington
July 14, 2016
  1. SIEUFERD (MIT) — a general-purpose user interface for relational databases. UI of a spreadsheet, storage & data model of a database.
  2. Belinda Johnson — profile of AirBnB’s chief business affairs and legal officer. This faith she has in the people she works for and with has inspired deep loyalty in her colleagues. “She asks you tons of questions to probe your idea,” says Caro, who joined Airbnb from Square two years ago to work for Johnson. “And then lets you decide how far you’re going to go with it.” Johnson’s guiding belief is that conflict can be resolved through dialogue.
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  4. New Librarian of Congress Appointed“I will be honored to build on the legacy and accomplishments of my predecessors in this position, to be part of a continuing movement to open the treasure chest that is the Library of Congress even further, and to make it a place that can be found and used by everyone,” she said in a statement. Looking forward to her actions to modernize LoC, and very glad there’s a professional librarian in the role. See also Librarians Are Not Neutral for why I have high hopes she’ll be a force for good.
  5. Reactors, Channels, and Event Streams for Composable Distributed ProgrammingUnfortunately, it is difficult to reuse or compose message protocols with actors. Reactors, proposed in this paper, simplify protocol composition with first-class typed channels and event streams. We compare reactors and the actor model on concrete programs. (Registerwall to get the (free) PDF)
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